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Blood Brothers 12
21 Feb 2009
@ Lapangan Futsal, Kampus Unisma, Bekasi
Traxtor, Fist of Therapy, Dictator, Qishash, Mesin Rusak, dll
jam: 13.00 – selesai
htm: 15.000

Launching In Hurricane Rhythm
27 Feb 2009
@ Bugs cafe, pondok indah
Seems like Yesterday, Sweet as Revenge, Pee wee Gaskins, dll
jam: 19.00 – selesai
htm: 25.000

Blood Brothers 13
(close event bloodbrother)
1 maret 2009
@ The first cafe, BSD
Stupid Nation, Traxtor, Borox, Dictator, dll
jam: 13.00 – selesai
htm: 15.000

Lamb Of God live in concert
9 Maret 2009
@ Tennis Outdoor Senayan
band opening:
Dead Squad
jam: 19.00 – selesai
htm: 390.000 (festival), 360.000 (tribun)

Jakarta Beringas
14 Maret 2009
@ Viki Sianipar, Manggarai
Melody Maker, Thrashline, Gibraltar, Croxous, Valiant, dll
jam: 10.00 – selesai
htm: 20.000 + rokok

Sounds of Steel
15 Maret 2009
@ Prost Cafe, Kemang

Jakarta Bergetar
1 Maret 2009
@ Poinsquare, Foodcourt
Fist of Therapy, Begundal, Trauma, Stupid Nation, Stupidity

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